GM Productions  - Deposition services

Service Description


1st hour deposition set up and video

$150 (minimum)

Additional hours deposition

$75 / hour

DVD copies for attorney ordering the depo video

$35  / DVD provided in case with identifying services/client/firm performed and captured.

DVD copies for adverse counsel

30 % of invoice amount to ordering attorney

Out of Kanawha County travel time in transit

$25  / hr

Out of Kanawha County vehicle transit use

0.45 / mile

Lodging and per diem

At cost, paid by client before day of event in full.


Normal: FedEx 2nd Day Econ @ cost

MPEG1 or MPEG2 copies

Delivered on CD ROM or DVD ROM.
MPEG1 is usually the file format used for synching the video with the reporter's transcript.
File Transport Protocol (ftp) delivery available for $100 cost.
Can provide on VHS tape if required.


$100/edit hr plus tape and copying costs.
$50 /hr to capture video into computer to prepare for editing.
Work normally turned around in 24-48 hrs but can  be done over night for a additional cost of $100
Adobe Premier Pro CS4 used for all editing and printing
If you even suspect that you will require editing for trial then give the tape to the edit lab days in advance so that it can be captured into the computer. This saves time in a rush crunch.

Equipment Used


Cameras GMP uses:
  Canon XL-2 to record to MiniDV tapes.
Canon GL-2 to record to MiniDV tapes.
Panasonic as backup camera, to MiniDV tape format.
Tape Formats All depos are recorded on video tape. These tapes recorded at the depo are the Originals. Original video tapes will be shipped to the attorney ordering the video.
We don't trust DVD recorders for original recording. If the power goes out a DVD may not be recoverable.
MiniDV can be delivered to you or copied to other media formats.
Microphones These are lavaliere mics are provided to all who speak. Remember: Not everybody feels obligated to wear a microphone at a deposition. The videographer does not coerce anyone to ware a mic.
Audio Mixer Camera mixers allow adjustment of all speaking voices to the same level so that they all sound good during playback in court
Video tape MiniDV.
Time Code Internal time code MiniDV.
Audio Separation Normal: Both witness and examiners on both audio channels.
Time Date on Screen On Request