"GM Productions did an awesome job filming my wedding and putting together my photomontage DVD to show at my reception.  They were very professional and I really didn't even know they were there filming me.  GM Productions did a beautiful job putting together my DVD and I love to watch it and recap all the wonderful memories they caught on tape for my family and I".    - Tara and Jason

"GM production did a beautiful job filming both of my daughter's weddings. One was a fall wedding which the videographers captured the colorful fall foliage behind by daughter.  The other, a spring wedding which they created  spectacular video of my daughter in the sunlight coming through the stain glass windows .  They were very professional.  You aren't aware of their presence while they are capturing every detail of the memorable event.  My daughter tells me that on several occasions after a long stressful day at the hospital she relaxes by watching her wedding video.  The memories that you will have on these DVDs are as they say - Priceless."  - Vicki,  mother of two GMProductions wedding brides!

"GM Productions did a wonderful job with our wedding a provided a video that will remind us of our special day for years to come.  They are truly a professional company that is easy to work with.  I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to preserve their special occasion on video." - Josh and Denise

Greg & Aaron did a wonderful job capturing our wedding.  It was honestly not part of our budget to video tape the wedding but I’m glad I was able to convince my husband to make it part of our budget because watching the video, I was able to watch what transpired that day – and I would honestly have missed those if it weren’t for GM productions being there.  Having our photographs taken was great but it didn’t capture the laughter, the tears and basically all the emotions of everyone there and those I will forever cherish in my heart.  Greg & Aaron – thank you – for capturing our special moment.  I especially would like to thank you, Aaron, for constantly reminding me to smile because believe it or not, I was so stressed out that day and you – constantly reminded me that being video taped – was like a wake up call for me to just simply relax and let just let things happen.  Greg, again, thank you for the hundredth time for taking care of us like we were your own children.  God Bless you." - Evangeline & John

“GM Productions did a beautiful job filming our wedding and reception.  The video is a special keepsake to help us relive our joyous day and GM Productions made it possible.   They were very professional and did a wonderful job catching everything we wanted on video.  We would highly recommend GM Productions to anyone for more than just weddings.  If we need something filmed again we will definitely be a returning customer!  We also want to give a special thanks to Greg for his generosity and talent!”  John and Natalie

“I am so glad that we chose GM Productions to capture one of the most important days in our lives.  They were very professional and have a lot of experience.  I have watched the DVD several times since the wedding and I always catch something new.  It was the perfect way to capture the moment and to archive our memories.  I will cherish this video forever. Jennifer and Brad.